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What the parents have said:

Parent of A-level student
Without a doubt Vicky is the best teacher I have ever seen in action. When listening to my daughter’s lessons, she made me want to start studying science again! My daughter is rather chatty and Vicky is able to manage the difficult balance between being personable and focus on study perfectly. T has had problems getting into school which made Vicky’s lessons crucial to success at GCSE. T eventually achieved amazing results enabling her to study A-Level Biology and Chemistry.
I am willing to talk to anyone who wants a verbal recommendation. Please ask Vicky for my details. DS

If you are looking for a strong, kind, firm, understanding, fun, exceedingly professional, BRILLIANT teacher and mathematician to guide your child through GCSE Maths, then look NO FURTHER. Vicky has all those qualities in spades and has been the most brilliant support. She’s in very high demand, so I urge anyone thinking about it, just don’t hesitate and pick up the phone! I can assure you... you will not regret it! VF

Vicky tutored my daughter in GCSE maths, which I’m pleased to say she passed this year!
My daughter was not a great fan of maths, but Vicky made lessons fun and interesting, creating a good rapport; she did, however, always expect my daughter to work hard and maximise her potential.
Vicky was always punctual and came well prepared for the lesson, and her upbeat, positive attitude was a great influence.
I am happy to recommend Vicky, and have considered her excellent value for money over the five terms that she has tutored my daughter.

Wow! Thank you so much for yesterday; Josh was inspired 🙌 I have to admit to reading some of your reviews prior to contacting you and I believe one said that you made science 'fun and accessible.' Josh had admitted to me just before going in to see you that you'd have to be pretty amazing to make science fun and you certainly proved to him that you are - and could! 😉
Again, thank you so much; we are incredibly grateful that you have found a space for Josh.

Ben benefitted greatly from your lessons despite being easily distracted with what was going on at home. He found the way you taught the topics easier to understand, and looked forward to his sessions. Thank you Vicky for your time and patience, we all really appreciate it.

Vicky Hiorns was a pleasure to work with. Vicky had the ability to engage my daughter’s attention throughout her lessons, which were delivered with a positive, friendly and structured approach. I thought the lessons were very productive and my daughter’s confidence in Science improved. My daughter really enjoyed working with Vicky. She genuinely looked forward to her lessons and her contribution has been invaluable.
Mother of GCSE student

My son saw Vicky once a week for a couple of months before sitting his maths GCSE. Vicky's support was invaluable as he was able to go over areas that he found tricky at his own speed. There were several times when Will said something just 'clicked' where it just hadn't done at school, because it had been approached or explained in a slightly different way. He was using a good range of resources, including past papers and PC-based programmes, and was supported at home via email. Will hit it off with Vicky straight away which was a big help: she is fun and approachable and he actually enjoyed going to see her! His confidence grew immensely during his me there. I would thoroughly recommend Vicky and to us, it was definitely money well spent! Helen Gilbert

Our son’s tutoring sessions with Vicky have increased both his confidence & his results. Vicky has tailored his sessions using the revision guidance issued by his school, which has meant that his science consolidation has been both bespoke & well targeted. In a year during which he has experienced a large amount of cover teaching in the science subjects at school, his sessions with Vicky have been particularly invaluable. Her easy manner with teenagers ensures that they get the most out of every session. We plan to use her services all the way through to GCSEs. K.A.

I would thoroughly recommend Vicky as a tutor. As well as knowing her subject inside out and being up to date with all the latest methods of teaching, Vicky’s patience, and her calm and supportive manner have really benefited my daughter in preparing for her Maths GCSE during a particularly difficult time.

My son has been well supported during his GCSE year by Farnham Science and Maths Centre. This has been most invaluable. My son’s grades have improved from foundation to higher and we look forward to his final GCSE results. Many thanks. Highly recommend!!😀

I want to start by saying thank you to Vicky. She not only dedicates all her efforts and energy into teaching my son but in such a fun interactive way. Jay enjoys his sessions with Vicky, as she makes it interesting. Jay does Science and Maths sessions and currently working at a year 7 level. Jay’s understanding since being with Vicky has come on leaps and bounds. We couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you again. (Parent of a home-educated student).

Praise for the Science Club sessions:

A shining light of fun during lockdown 1,2 and 3! The whole family looked forward to every session. Vicky is friendly, engaging and knows her stuff when it comes to science! Our favourite sessions: blowing up sandwich bags in the kitchen and bubble caterpillars!

Really enjoy our science classes with Vicky they are both informative and fun would highly recommend 😊

Excellent science classes and brilliant maths tutoring. My daughters’ favourite lessons! Thoroughly recommended!

My son has been joining the “fun with science” sessions for the last 6 months. Vicky is great with him and he really enjoys doing some hands on science - highly recommend!

What the students have said:

A-level student
Vicky is my favourite teacher ever. I am not a particularly keen student, but Vicky’s lessons are never boring. If I cannot understand a topic at school, I will ask Vicky to explain it to me and she manages to understand my problem and get me up to speed and sometimes ahead of my friends in class. There is no way I would have made it to A-Level without her help. And she brightens up my day.

When Vicky was my Maths Tutor I was able to keep my concentration for the whole hour because her lessons were fun and engaging.
She was able to see what areas I struggled with and help me to work through problems until I understood. She would explain things in a different way if I didn’t at first understand.
Vicky’s energy helped to keep me positive, even when I was getting nervous and anxious about my exams, and boosted my confidence, and I got my GCSE.

Vicky has helped my with my higher maths GCSE and it has boosted my confidence within the subject. She explained new methods to solve equations that previously I didn’t understand and all of the lessons have been brilliant. I would highly recommend Vicky as a tutor due to how much she has helped me and I believe that anyone who is looking for a tutor should definitely give her a try.

She was very helpful and easy to talk to. It was easy to understand and grasp concepts of each topic we worked on together. I would highly recommend to other pupils struggling.